We Are What We Repeatedly Do

I am so thankful for how many of you have shown interest and enthusiasm to read the Psalms together with me this summer. I am praying that our reading serves as a time for growth and reflection and an opportunity to love and follow God more fully. In getting started this week, I had someone text me and confess that after reading the assigned psalms, they did not feel anything. They didn’t have any deep questions or great revelations. They asked if they were missing something or doing it wrong.
This is a fantastic question. In thinking about our reading this summer, one of the best metaphors for me is the that of exercise. Thirty minutes on the treadmill may not lead to any physical breakthroughs. The transformation comes not in the first time you go to the gym, but in going consistently, day after day. Scripture reading works like that. Opening ourselves up to God day after day builds up our spiritual muscles and allows us to better live a life of love, joy, and grace.
Author Stephen Covey reminds us that, “We are what we repeatedly do.” The habits and choices we make each day are the things that make us. By choosing to read Psalms each day, my prayer is that we are all being formed around the words of Scripture, the love of God, and the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for joining me on this journey! Thank you for your willingness to open yourselves up to become more fully who God wants you to be. May the Holy Spirit meet us in our reading!
– Patrick

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  1. PMC says:

    There is a Psalm for every emotion. The key for me is to put myself where the writer was when writing the Psalm.

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